Progress in an Uphill Battle


What are the schools doing to address substance use and abuse?  Are the schools’ policies too harsh or are they effective? How so?

What is julling?  What are the real dangers of juuling and how prevalent is it in our community?

What does the legalization of marijuana mean for NJ? Will it be available in local stores? Will my kids be able to get it online?

Are the schools and the shuls really the right place to speak about addiction and substance abuse? Is it really the responsibility of the local Jewish community to deal with substance abuse problems?

Doesn’t calling addiction a disease remove all responsibility from the addict for their actions? Don’t we believe in free will?

These are just a few of the questions that were discussed by the panel of speakers at Congregation Keter Torah past Sunday night. For those who did not have an opportunity to attend, the video link is found here. Over the course of 90 minutes, lots of information was exchanged and offered to the many who attended this event. I am proud that our community continues to demonstrate commitment and progress in raising awareness in this most critical area.  I hope and pray that we remain focused and determined to address this issue and bring greater awareness, healing, and growth to our entire community.


Comm Educ Event Nov 10x14 10-30-18

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